Top 5 Best FPS Games of All Time

First-person shooters are hands-down some of the most popular video games in the world right now But with all of the FPS games released over the years and all the advancements made to the genre Which ones really stand out at the top of the pack? This is not an easy list to do, especially when you’re trying to cram it into only five What is up guys? this is not an easy list to do So if you want to do your list in the comment section, feel free, let’s get started.

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5. Call of duty 4: modern warfare

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That’s right. This game helped to shape the modern multiplayer FPS formula as we all know it released in 2007 Cod 4 was the first game of the series to tackle a modern setting and it introduced tons and tons of mechanics that Honestly had never been seen before such as custom classes killstreaks and a lot of other things Plus Caught for at an excellent cinematic campaign with an intriguing story that would be continued for two more games later in the years Definitely a good way to kick off this list in an iconic FPS game some of you that know me may have thought this was going to be number 1 but I’m gonna I’m gonna switch things up and Trick you a little bit at

4. Goldeneye 007

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one of my favorite games hands-down of all time is Goldeneye double-oh-seven launched all the way back in 1997 for the Nintendo 64 And it helped prove that first-person shooters did indeed have a place in the console market now until this game came out many people thought shooters were a PC genre, they were a PC thing but gold and I proved otherwise with an awesome campaign in a very unique control scheme that helped to prove to people that shooters could work on consoles the multiplayer mode of Goldeneye was also a massive hit and is still one of the most fun you can have with a game II Today if you want to go get an emulator or find a Nintendo 64 if you’ve never played this game Please I beg you go. Give it a try. I promise you’ll enjoy it At

3. Half-life

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That’s right This is a very ambitious project from the valve when it came out It was worth the risk half-life launched for PC and surprised Everybody with just how amazing it looked and played along with the excellent story-writing voice acting in the world-building Half-life received critical acclaim for all of those reasons or more specifically it’s physics system Which was the most realistic anybody had seen at that time now, unfortunately, Unfortunately, the story will probably never be completed due to valve never actually releasing half-life 3 Which I just for the life of me. I still cannot understand it this day but half-life is pivotal in the history of FPS games at

2. Halo: Combat Evolved

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This is just I Don’t know what to say other than this was amazing The original Xbox was where this was birth is the title that single-handedly brought Microsoft into the console race Halo add you playing is an iconic Master Chief as he fought to save humanity from the Covenant and the flood two races of aliens Looking to wipe everybody out the galaxy. Halo also featured an addicting multiplayer mode Although online play would not be added until halo 2, that didn’t matter the campaign was enough for this regardless. Halo helps solidify Console FPS games as a staple of the gaming industry the same way that Goldeneye double-oh-seven Had done years prior and I want to know if you’ve ever played the original. Halo How did you react the first time you encountered the flood and a

1. Doom

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I’m actually doing a doob 2016 reboot Let’s play over on this channel right now while it wasn’t the first FPS game It was easily the most Influential the most popular when it was released back in the early 90s Doom was developed by id Software and add you playing as a Marine Trying to kill thousands of demons in order to escape hell in one piece now the level design was open It was expansive. It was still structured though The gameplay was extremely smooth and satisfying for the time and the sound design of music was top-notch the graphics were groundbreaking for that time barging 2d visuals with 3d movement and map design every About doom was almost perfect and it helped push the first-person shooter.

Genre into the mainstream and it’s still an excellent game by today’s standards and you Should go try out the reboot if you’ve never encountered do it all go try out the reboot And there you have it my friends that is a tough list to do and I could probably do ten more They would probably be a little different each time because there are so many FPS games out there But that was my best effort to give you the top 5 best first-person shooters You guys let me know where I got it, right?

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