Masha and the Bear Math Game

Masha and the Bear Math Game

Every kid hates school, especially math, because is such a hard class and not everyone is good at it. But what if we told you, kids, that now you can learn math from your best friends, your beloved cartoon characters, such as Masha and her friend, the Bear? Would you play this game if we told you that you will learn math by having fun? We know you would because it's an awesome way to understand those simple math operations. What you have to do is to answer correctly when the Bear gets to a tree stump. If you give a correct answer, Masha and the Bear can move forward, but if you don't, you will lose a life and Masha will be sad. Try not to fail because you only have three lives.

Use mouse cursor.

You can also read the instructions that Masha and the Bear Math are given in the game and follow them carefully!



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