10 Best Android Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends



FPS PvP and Coop Shooting Game Once getting top ranks in the yearly mobile rankings, Madfinger Games did a lot of things right in this frenetic futuristic shooter. Focusing on co-op multiplayer gameplay, Shadowgun Legends packs a punch and this impression stays true in the mobile shooting market to this day. Not only does it have some impressive console-like graphics, but it also keeps you coming back for more for its bite-sized action with new a flurry of customizations and a gear system that makes you feel fully in control. There might be some better multiplayer games out there, but this game is still premium when it comes to a futuristic FPS and RPG gameplay. It receives a play score of 8.4

9. MonsterCrafter

For fans of Minecraft’s voxel aesthetics, this game is a perfect sideline to the blocky adventures. Instead of a whole world to explore, Naquatic’s title focuses on creating your very own monster, training them, and helping them fight against the other monsters of the world. It’s a lot like Pokemon, except without the exploration and the RPG storylines. The story is your fight through their campaign, and eventually against the other colorfully created monsters around the globe. The multiplayer experience might be a while from download, but it is an integral part of seeing just how far your monster has grown. It has a play score of 8.44

8. Dark Legends

Sure we might be in our kind of apocalyptic situation right now, but if you want to take it to another level, this game will let you do just that. Show your fangs and dive into the freaky underworld of Spacetime Studios’ MMORPG. Start out the journey with your friends and go out into the streets to fight monsters and form alliances. It’s a pretty old game, all things considered, but Dark Legends is still getting fresh updates to this day. As a free game, there are still some kinks with having to grind hard for outfits and weapons. But, if you wanna shoot monsters while shooting the breeze with friends, this will definitely do you well. It has a play score of 8.43

7. GT Racing 2

The Real Car Experience Realism is at the heart of Gameloft’s GT Racing series, and it’s never been more obvious than in this second outing. It calls itself the real car experience and it does everything to deliver. GT Racing 2 offers 4 different weather and time conditions, driving and steering customizations, over 1400 events, and 71 licensed cars to drive on their 13 different tracks. That’s a whole lot of content, and beautiful too, with cars like Ferraris, and their partner luxury brand, Mercedes Benz. It might not have the best graphics anymore in 2020, but for an enjoyable multiplayer game, it definitely has a lot to offer. If you have a gigabyte of space to spare, and a bit of patience for its microtransactions, GT Racing 2 is still quite the experience with a play score of 8.47

6. CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Even without any opposable thumbs the felines of Zeptolab’s CATS: Crash Arena can be pretty good engineers, and you can be too. The game’s whole objective relies on creating the ultimate robot killing machine. Literally starting out from scratch, have a go at Frankenstein your own metal doomsday and show it off on the local battlegrounds. The more you fight, the more chances you get of looting powerful parts from your opponents and the likelier you are to survive the next battle. It’s a constant fight for improvement, and it’s fun to strategize against the variety of designs that appear in their asynchronous multiplayer mode. The game is free with a few ads, but you’ll be able to buy the ad-free experience for cheap, as well as some exciting parts for your dream machine. It has a playscore of 8.49

5. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Now that we’re all stuck inside, it’s only normal to wanna scratch that needs for speed. This 8th installment of Gameloft’s racing series is loaded with all the necessary thrills of the casual racing enthusiast. But what makes it a good addition to this list is the fact that you can compete with other racers across the globe too. So, aside from the natural excitement of zooming the track, if you’re good enough, you’ll also get that smug sense of superiority whenever you beat the competition. Race using their collection of over 190 high-performance machines, and customize and upgrade each of them to continue your reign at the top. Packed with exciting locations and even more exciting stunts, it’s a joy to play…if your phone’s got the horsepower for it. It has a playscore of 8.52

4. Arcane Legends

MMO-Action RPG More legends action from the same company that brought us the underworld of Dark Legends. Unlike the other game, this is definitely the bright and sunnier option, with its magical medieval landscape. The choices in characters are a little slim, with three classes: warriors, rogues, and sorcerers. But, between those three, you’ll have dozens of skills and thousands of customizations to prepare you to freely explore the online world of Arlor. As another release from 2012, the graphics haven’t really changed much since, but it’s still constantly updated with brand new events that keep you coming back for more. Collect the legendary weapons, play co-op with friends, and compete in the PVP. It has a play score of 8.53

3. Call of Duty: Mobile Activision

has been at the forefront of multiplayer FPSs for a long time now. This time, they’ve taken their skills to the mobile, allowing all their old fans to take the action wherever they go, and to invite new ones into a breakthrough experience of the Call of Duty franchise. Just like their console counterparts, Call of Duty Mobile is also next-level with their graphics, keeping you attuned to the chaos and excitement of the battlefield. It’s a two in one offering, where you either get to engage in brutal 5v5s with friends or dive into large scale action with their own spin on the Battle Royale genre. It hasn’t been released too long yet, but it’s already made waves in the mobile FPS market. A content-packed mobile game, it’s definitely a good avenue to while away the hours with your buddies. It has a score of 8.53

2. BombSquad

And speaking of action, you’ve got a lot of that coming for you in this explosive multiplayer from Eric Froemling. What makes this game awesome is just how much it doesn’t take itself seriously. That means even more hilarity for everyone who jumps into their weird variety of antics. Like a fusion of super smash and Mario kart, you’re given a stage where you aim to defeat each other and become the reigning Bomberman. Using the array of special items, from all the different kinds of explosives to the simple use of fists. Allowing up to 8 players in one arena, Bombsquad is all sorts of fun. And, it can get addictive for anyone who just wants to kill and destroy in the most hilarious ways possible. Strike a match, and meet your maker with a play score of 8.54

1. Clash of Clans

SUPERCELL’s breakthrough game was such a success when it first released in 2013, that 7 years later, there’s still so much to explore. We’ve probably seen this game before, and it’s even likelier that you’ve tried it out yourself. In Clash of Clans, the thrill isn’t just in building the most impenetrable fortress, it’s also going out and pillaging others for resources. It’s a dog eat dog world, but if you’re bottom of the rung, there are hundreds of guilds out there just waiting for their next big recruit. Join friends or strangers, and play your part in a never-ending spree of battles and defenses. It’s a free game, and there might be a lot of waiting involved. But there are always decent options in-game for anyone who wants to speed up the process. A mainstay for a lot of mobile gamers, it’s number one with a play score of 8.76

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